"As my kundalini yoga teacher, Amanda has helped me so much, the yoga and the community of people is very important as part of my health. People need people, and Amanda brings us together to take care of ourselves. Breath is life, and that is what kundalini yoga is about. Amanda is an accepting, gentle, and incredibly kind teacher. I learn good things all the time, and I am always invigorated. This is a healing, strengthening yoga, no matter your other yoga experiences. Such a blessing!"  - Lisa 
"In the short time (approximately 6 months) that I have had the pleasure of attending Amanda's kundalini yoga class, I have noticed the following: a calmer demeanor, a stronger ability to stay in the moment and breathe, decreased tension in my back muscles (which are chronically knotted), better posture, a happier outlook, and in general a feeling of optimism and acceptance in meeting other people in class who are like-minded in terms of health, healing, and living."  - Adrianne